Billy Heywood from “Little Big League” was on “True Detective”


Through three episodes the second season of “True Detective” has been an underwhelming follow-up to a great first season, but there was one bright spot on last night’s episode: An appearance by Luke Edwards, the child actor who played Twins manager Billy Heywood in the 1994 movie “Little Big League.”


He appears in a minor role credited as “set photographer” and gives some key details to Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams.

Edwards has been in a ton of different television shows and movies since brilliantly playing Billy Heywood as a kid, but seeing him pop up on “True Detective” was pretty fun.

And if Ken Griffey Jr. ends up being the killer on “True Detective” no one should be surprised.

Bryce Harper finally gets his first spring training hit with Phillies

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images
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Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper hasn’t had the best spring training showing. After a delayed start because he didn’t officially sign until early this month, Harper made his Phillies debut on March 9. Then Harper had an injury scare when he was hit in the ankle by a pitch on March 15. Harper returned on Sunday and finally registered his first hit of the spring on Wednesday — a line drive up the middle.

Harper finished 1-for-2 with a walk on the afternoon. In 10 official at-bats, Harper is batting .100/.438/.100. As you can see, five total walks are helping that on-base percentage. Spring stats are largely meaningless, though, so no one should be worried about Harper with the start of the regular season just a week away.