Bruce Bochy is the best overall manager; Joe Maddon is the one players would like to play for


ESPN took a survey of scouts, front-office executives, coaches and media analysts and asked them to pick the best manager in the game. The winner: Bruce Bochy, followed by Buck Showalter, Terry Francona and Joe Maddon.

Maddon, however, won the poll of players who were asked to pick the manager they’d like to play for other than their own. And he won that poll handily, nearly doubling up on Bochy’s second place finish. Tony La Russa got 4%. Perhaps someone should tell the players that La Russa isn’t a manager anymore.

Maybe the best part of the whole thing is the anonymous comments on managers. Like this one:

An NL executive on Scioscia: “He had a lot of success early, and he hasn’t had a lot of success since. I think guys find out that Los Angeles is a hard place to play, because if [Scioscia’s] not signing off on you, you’re not playing there. He has a lot of control. And when you’ve got that much control and you’re not a playoff team and you’re spending that kind of money, the bloom comes off the rose.”

That’s a polite way to put “no one really likes him except his owner and the couple of veterans on his team who are in his favor at any given time.”