Brewers bullpen catcher sets the cheesesteak-eating record at Citizens Bank Park


Last year the Mets set a record for eating 103 cheesesteaks at Citizens Bank Park in a single day, with 103. Before that happened I wasn’t even aware the Phillies kept track of such things, but they do. They keep track of individual records too, and allow them to be set over a series. Meet your new record holder in that department, Brewers bullpen catcher Marcus Hanel:

On Wednesday, Hanel broke the previous three-game mark held by Mets bullpen catcher Eric Langill when he took the first bite of cheesesteak No. 18. On Thursday, Hanel blew past Marlins right-hander Mat Latos’ four-game record (18), and had already finished No. 20 when it was time to head out to catch Wily Peralta’s pregame bullpen session.

I guess bullpen catchers are well-suited to the task given that there is zero chance that they will have to run at any given time in a game. So they got that goin’ for ’em.

Here he is in-progress:

I bet his ma is proud.