The initial defense for the Cardinals scouting director does not sound promising


The story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about the firing of the Cardinals scouting director, Chris Correa contains a comment from Correa’s lawyer:

Correa’s lawyer, Nicholas Williams, denied this report. “Mr. Correa denies any illegal conduct. The relevant inquiry should be what information did former St. Louis Cardinals employees steal from the St. Louis Cardinals organization prior to joining the Houston Astros, and who in the Houston Astros organization authorized, consented to, or benefitted from that roguish behavior,” Williams said in a statement.

See, that’s not how the law works. If someone stole something from you, you go to the authorities. Or, in a business context, you sue them, take discovery and establish that they did. You don’t go play computer vigilante. Indeed, sports has a relatively recent example of why it’s really bad to go “verify” that someone stole something from you. Long story short: if O.J. Simpson calls the cops over his allegedly stolen memorabilia, he’s not in jail right now. Not that this is that serious or anything.

What could possibly be motivating Correa’s lawyer to say such nonsense? Is he using a false name and moonlighting or something? Is it Lester Munson in disguise?!