“Some guy” is starting for the Twins today against “Some otherguy”


We make lots and lots of mistakes here. Or I do at least. I’m a typo machine and, sometimes, forget to take out placeholders like “_____” in a post and replace them with stats or names or whatever that I had planned to look up. It happens. The cool thing about the Internet, though, is that you can go back and fix those little mistakes pretty quickly and seamlessly.

Not so much in newspapers. Check out the schedule and pitching matchups at the top of the page from today’s Star Tribune:

Like I said, I make tons of mistakes and have the benefit of being able to edit, so no serious snark intended. There but for the grace of WordPress go I. I hope the folks at the Star Tribune have a laugh over this one.

In any event, I haven’t seen Some Otherguy pitch yet, but I here he has a nasty [pitch]. He learned down at [minor league team] from [legendary pitching coach].