A-Rod, the Yankees and the union in talks to direct his $6 million home run bonus to charity


What is this world coming to? How are we, in the year 2015, looking at a possible showdown between the Yankees, Alex Rodriguez and the union that won’t be characterized by acrimony and bad behavior but, instead, will result in a win-win-win and have everyone coming out looking good in the end?

I mean, you think you know people. Then Ken Rosenthal reports this kind of nonsense:

Representatives for Rodriguez, the players’ union and Yankees have been talking for weeks about a deal to redirect the $6 million bonus that Rodriguez was to receive for hitting his 660th home run, according to a marketing agreement between him and the club.

The talks aren’t close to yielding a deal yet, but it is progressing.¬†Thank goodness there’s still time to derail it. Or, short of that, thank goodness Bill Madden has time to spin any eventual charity-benefitting deal in such a way as to make A-Rod look like a monster of some sort. But hey, he’s a Spink Award winning journalist. I’m sure he’ll come up with some gold.