Mike Trout was unreal last night


I know I put this in the recaps this morning, but this kind of amazingness deserves its own post.

Maybe “amazingness” is the wrong word. Because at this point are we really amazed when Mike Trout shows that he’s better at baseball than any single person on the planet? Now it’s just the status quo. What would be amazing is if he didn’t run down these balls in the gaps — two off the bat of Chris Young — to turn what would’ve been extra bases against a good 25 other center fielders into outs.

And of course the other small handful of center fielders who would’ve run these down don’t have the power to take a pitch that is in a bit on the hands and still muscle it out to center like Trout did on his homer. Seriously, watch that dinger: he has to bring his hands in a bit. Good hitter muscle that ball into a base hit to center. The number of guys who muscle that ball 400 feet can be counted on one hand, I reckon.

[mlbvideo id=”212179183″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]

Oh, and as I mentioned, two of those gappers that Trout snagged came off the bat of Chris Young. Check out his reaction to the second one. He’s totally over it: