The Rays were early supporters of the same-sex marriage case as well


On Friday, I posted about how the San Francisco Giants were early supporters of the legal briefs in support of the landmark same-sex marriage case. I neglected to mention that the Tampa Bay Rays were on that train as well. This was their statement from Tamps Bay Rays president Brian Auld last March:

“I am proud to represent the Tampa Bay Rays support for marriage equality. When we were asked to sign on to the amicus brief, it was easy to say Yes. Quite simply, it is the right thing to do.

While our business may be relatively small, we understand that we are also very visible. As such, we are proud to represent the greater Tampa Bay region in supporting diversity and inclusion. It is a privilege to be on this list alongside nearly 400 other companies, including one of Tampa Bay’s own fortune 500 companies, Tech Data.

Prior to Florida’s recognition of same sex marriages earlier this year, it was difficult for our business to treat each of our employees equally. The Rays were forced to take burdensome steps to provide every employee with identical health care benefits and adoption support, and we include an anti-discrimination policy in our employee handbook.

It is our belief that all employees should be treated as equals, both by our business and under the law. Support for this brief is wholly consistent with our corporate values.

Our intention in signing on to this brief is that it represent one step towards demonstrating that Tampa Bay is an inclusive region dedicated to attracting and retaining the very best talent. I know that the rest of the signatories feel the same way about their respective communities.”

Bad news will no doubt return to the world this week. So it’s worth holding on to last week’s good news a bit longer if we can.