Oakland may have to choose between the A’s and the Raiders


The never-ending stadium drama for the Oakland Athletics carries on. Today’s development, an acknowledgement that keeping both the A’s and the Raiders in Oakland may not be possible.

The upshot: The Coliseum site is the most viable site for all involved due to parking and mass transit considerations and is large enough to hold both a new ballpark and a new football stadium. The A’s, however, don’t want to share the site with the Raiders and the Raiders don’t want to share the site with the A’s. My assumption is that it’s because filling the site with two stadiums forecloses or reduces development rights surrounding any new facility and that’s where serious money is made. And cuts down on parking too.

Added wrinkle: if the A’s cant get a deal done and the Raiders do, the Raiders want to tear down the Coliseum immediately, even as the new football stadium is being built, which would leave the A’s homeless. So that’s a lot of fun.

So much of this is posturing, of course, with the Raiders bluffing — maybe plausibly, maybe not — about moving down to Los Angeles and a new football stadium in Carson, California. And the city trying to get the A’s to move to another part of Oakland that isn’t viable in the minds of Major League Baseball and the A’s.

I say let the Raiders walk and let the A’s build a new park there, but then again I may be biased on the matter, as football is awful.