The Marlins won without the benefit of any runs batted in


This is odd and fun. Not as uncommon as you might expect, but still uncommon enough not to go unnoticed and unremarked upon. The Marlins, 3-2 winners over the Dodgers yesterday, had no runs batted in.

Miami scored two runs in the first inning, first on an Andre Ethier throwing error and then on a Clayton Kershaw wild pitch. Their third and final run scored on a Joc Pederson error in the second.

According to Redditor jigokusabre, This marks the 32nd time a team scored three or more runs with no runs batted in since 1954.  The most runs scored in that time in which none were officially batted in was with five, which the Reds did in a 1971 game against the Astros. Four teams have score four runs with zero RBI, the most recent coming when the White Sox did it to the Mariners in 1995. The last time a team scored three runs without an RBI came in 2008, in which the Orioles did in a loss.

And this isn’t the first time the Marlins have done it: they scored three runs without an RBI in a 4-3 loss to the Reds in 2005.