Ian Kinsler gets a bit snippy with the fans


Last month Ian Kinsler made a point of telling people that he planned on being the unofficial spokesman for the Tigers:

Kinsler believes it’s important to have a veteran everyday player who is willing to speak after every Tigers game — win or lose — because that is the best way for players to convey how the team is feeling to fans watching interviews on television or reading stories on the Internet or in the newspaper . . . .”The most important thing is the fans,” Kinsler said of his new role. “The second most important thing is my teammates, that they don’t have to worry about it. They don’t have to have people hovering over their shoulders if they’re not comfortable with talking.”

He spoke to the fans yesterday and seemed to say “if you don’t like us, well, find a different team to root for.” From the Detroit Free Press:

When told that fans can’t figure out the team’s uneven performance, he said: “They’re entitled to their opinion. If they want to root for someone else they think is more consistent, that is fine. You know we need as many as we can get.”

Not exactly the sort of thing one might expect from a self-proclaimed clubhouse spokesman. But definitely conveys the mood of a team that is struggling lately.