The Dbacks traded Touki Toussaint and Bronson Arroyo because they think they can win now


A lot of people scratched their heads at the trade in which the Dbacks sent last year’s #1 pick Touki Toussaint and Bronson Arroyo to the Atlanta Braves. Toussaint is a highly-touted prospect and, in return, they basically just got salary relief. And salary relief in an amount that seems far less than the value Toussaint can provide while still under team control.

But Tony La Russa has an answer for that. The Dbacks aren’t waiting for Toussaint to develop because they think they can win now and they needed the salary relief gained by giving up Arroyo to add the final pieces:

He makes no promises about when Arizona will play in October, but says they’re “a lot closer than most people think” and that they need the payroll flexibility in order to add “a couple of pieces.” That could be true. Or maybe he just reads different news sources than most of us and thus has a radically different time frame in mind than most teams.

Assuming the world does not end, however, Arizona is four games out in the west, behind the Dodgers and the Giants. Stay tuned to see if they truly add some pieces and try to make a run.