Nelson Cruz’s pelvic bone briefly popped out of place last night


Seattle Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon said after the game last night that Nelson Cruz exited the game with an injury to his pelvic bone. Originally it was thought to be his hamstring, but nope.

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McClendon said Cruz’s pelvic bone briefly popped out of place, but that trainers had popped it back shortly thereafter. He said he was told the injury was neither serious nor long term.

“I’m not sure how to describe it, but his pelvic bone kind of popped out of place and he had some discomfort,” McClendon said. “He’s OK now but we’ll see how he feels tomorrow.”

Kicker: they’re not sure how it happened. This despite the fact that all of us who know nothing about pelvic bones probably assumed beforehand that (a) we’d know about it; and (b) it’d seem fairly serious. This is also why they don’t let people like us just randomly practice medicine.

Cruz is hitting .313/.380/.568 on the season, though his numbers have been way down in June. An out-of-place pelvis probably won’t help that.