One year, one rebuilt elbow, and 16 picks later Brady Aiken signs with the Indians


Brady Aiken, who failed to sign with the Astros as the No. 1 overall pick in last year’s draft and later underwent Tommy John elbow surgery, has signed with the Indians after being selected 17th overall this year.

Aiken will get significantly less money than he was slotted to get as the No. 1 pick and will also get less money than the reduced offer the Astros made him following concerns about the health of his arm, but at least he’s signed and can now rehab under the watch of an MLB organization.

No word yet on Aiken’s signing bonus, but the recommended slot value for the 17th pick is $2.4 million. And if his recovery from elbow surgery goes well the Indians may have just gotten a No. 1 pick-caliber talent in the middle of the first round. He’s expected to make his pro debut in the middle of next season, at age 19.

Houston received the No. 2 overall pick this year for failing to sign Aiken and selected LSU shortstop Alex Bregman, who has not yet signed.