David Price on phone use during games: “I check my Instagram. I check my Twitter. I just don’t tweet, don’t like stuff.”


Tigers starter David Price admitted to committing the same crime for which Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval was benched on Thursday, but said he does it smarter. “I check my Instagram. I check my Twitter. I just don’t tweet, don’t like stuff,” Price told TMZ Sports.

Price added, “Anything that’s going to show that you’re on your phone during games you want to try and stay away from.” He admitted to preferring not to read magazines in the bathroom, explaining, “The magazines are in the bathroom next to the toilet. If I’m sitting there using the restroom and other people are sitting there using the restroom and they’re touching these magazine, I don’t want to touch those magazines. It’s disgusting.”

The man has a point.

Brad Ausmus interviewing for Astros manager job

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I did the Handsome Managers list in December. Thought I had moved on. Thought I’d never have to think about him again. But here is, walking right back in my door: Brad Ausmus is interviewing for the vacant Astros manager job. So reports Brian McTaggart of MLB.com.

Ausmus played for the Astros longer than he played for any other team in the bigs, notching ten years of service in two stints and playing on the 2005 NL Pennant-winning club. As a manager, you know, that he led the Tigers for four seasons and was the Angels’ skipper last year.

Houston has already interviewed Dusty Baker for the job. They’ll presumably want someone in place before spring training begins in a few weeks.