A coping guide for Cardinals fans in this very difficult time


On the one hand, this list from Banished to the Pen laying out the steps for Cardinals fans to cope with the hacking scandal is pretty funny, as it traffics in all of the fun Cardinals jokes we have come to know and love.

On the other hand, it’s actually fairly useful for every sports fan when bad, off-the-field news comes. As I’ve noted many times recently, it seems to me that when anything happens in sports, the number one predictor to how a given person will respond to it is the team they root for. It’s reflexive and so, so often stupid. People who would never make some bad, rationalizing arguments about a given topic will commonly do so in defense of the sports team they root for. And won’t do so for a rival. It’s so tribal and so dumb.

Which is why this list — which emphasizes the disconnect between a fan’s identity and a team’s identity and reminds us to keep our sense of humor and perspective — is pretty damn useful.