Rob Manfred is “open to change” with respect to All-Star voting


We’re still on trajectory to have eight Royals starting the All-Star Game for the American League. Asked about that yesterday, Rob Manfred had this to say:

“We have 16 days left. Lots of years we’ve worried about lots of things about fan voting, but in general fans have done a good job. We’ll see how it all turns out. … We are responsive and open to change if we get a result that is not consistent with the goals of the system that is in place.”

Putting on my tin foil hat, I’m half expecting next weeks’ voting results to show a big spike in non-Royals players, seemingly out of nowhere! But maybe that’s too paranoid. Short of that, I can see baseball just going with the all-Royals thing and promoting it like crazy. And hey, maybe people will tune into such silliness in greater numbers than they did before. The All-Star game is almost a freak show as it is, so why not embrace it?

As for “changes in the future,” it would not shock me, if the all-Royals thing doesn’t work, if baseball put a limit on the number of starters per team next year. Seems like the sort of solution baseball would pursue.