Do NOT ask Matt Harvey if he considers his recent slump a “crisis point”


There are questions. There are bad questions. There are clown questions, bro. And then there are these:

If Matt Harvey considered his season at a critical juncture Tuesday he was keeping that information private.

“I’m not answering that bulls—,” Harvey growled as he cut off his postgame interview session after he was asked if he considered his recent slump a crisis point in his season.

To be fair to Harvey, we don’t know exactly how the question was phrased, and it could’ve been obnoxious or something. That caveat aside, I can’t agree that it’s b.s. to ask him if his recent slump has caused him to doubt himself or something like it. Ballplayers who go through rough patches are routinely asked about how it’s making them feel and whether they think it’s serious, a bump in the road or something in between.

Snippiness aside, Harvey pitched brilliantly last night. The more he lets his pitching do the talking the less he’ll have to answer these kinds of questions, I suppose. Be they bulls— or not.