The guy who chases down Alex Rodriguez’s home run balls


Neat story from the New York Times about a guy named Eddie Fastook, a somewhat imposing former New York cop who goes into the stands at Yankees games to attempt to retrieve milestone home runs from fans.

But it’s not a muscle job. Not really. Sure, he “sizes up” fans who have balls he seeks in order to guess what it might take to get the ball back. Usually signed merchandise and possibly tickets to a future game. Maybe a meet-and-greet with the player who hit it. But he usually gets people to agree to give up the balls. Only three times has he failed to get them back, all explained in the article.

This season he has a challenge: ALL of Alex Rodriguez’s homers, which A-Rod himself asked Fastook to retrieve. Seems he wants to give them to his daughters. He’s gotten most of them. One guy didn’t want to give it up.

Anyway, interesting part of the game we don’t think about too terribly often.