Alex Rodriguez offers a sensible no-comment; his silence is characterized as “deafening”


Seemingly upset that we are now entering, like, the fifth controversy-free month of Alex Rodriguez’s return to the Yankees, Bill Madden of the Daily News attempts to stir some up today by letting slip that the Yankees have, at some point recently, offered to settle their disagreement with A-Rod over the home run milestone bonus by making a charitable donation.

A sensible attempt at resolution by the Yankees and one that Rodriguez could be well-served to accept for any number of practical, strategic, charitable and public relations reasons. Of course, the Yankees aren’t talking about that publicly and Rodriguez won’t comment on it publicly because there’s little sense in doing such a thing. To Madden, however, this is telling in some way:

In his ever-percolating home run milestone grievance with the Yankees — which was expected to come to a head Saturday but was pushed back until Monday — Alex Rodriguez’s silence is deafening . . .

This because A-Rod sidestepped the question about the charitable donation by saying:

“If you guys are so interested in my charities, I’ll be at the Boys and Girls Club on Tuesday,” said a smiling Rodriguez Sunday. “That’s a great organization and we welcome all you guys to come out and give the Boys and Girls Club some exposure.”

The monster.

Madden also Maddens it up really good by saying “Rodriguez, however, has given no indication to the union or the Yankees that he has any intentions other than trying to make them pay him the full $6 million bonus . . .” This a couple of paragraphs after he reports that the [soft] deadline for Rodriguez to file his grievance has came and gone with no grievance being filed and that the union is attempting to reach a resolution that avoids an arbitration hearing on the matter.

To sum up: a guy offers a friendly and clever no-comment to a question he shouldn’t be answering and is generally laying low about a controversial matter that could prove to be distracting to a contending team. Yet “his silence is deafening.”

For crying out loud.