Kenley Jansen “unavailable” due to undisclosed in-game issue, Dodgers give no further details


Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen, who has a history of heart problems, was unavailable for Wednesday night’s game against the Rockies due to what manager Don Mattingly revealed was an issue that came up “during the game.”

However, neither Mattingly nor the Dodgers would give any further information to the media assembled in the clubhouse after the game and Jansen did not speak to the media before leaving the ballpark.

Adding to the level of concern, ESPN announcer Rick Sutcliffe tweeted the following after broadcasting the game:

Perhaps it’s nothing, but that certainly indicates Sutcliffe knows more about the situation than the Dodgers revealed to the assembled media and is very worried about Jansen’s health.

Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register described Mattingly as “evasive” when speaking to reporters, although he also notes that Jansen was healthy enough to remain in the clubhouse rather than be taken to the hospital.