The Marlins aren’t happy with the Dan Jennings hire


Missed this one yesterday, but Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald has a story about dissatisfaction in the Marlins clubhouse. A primary reason for it? The Dan Jennings hire.

Losing is the source of most dissatisfaction in baseball, but Jennings taking over has made it worse:

But some players and agents, who would only speak off the record, said there’s more to it than that. Not only were they caught by surprise when manager Mike Redmond was fired only 38 games into the season, but they were taken aback by the decision to replace him with a front-office executive — Dan Jennings — with no managing or coaching experience.

Jennings had not spent any time in a major-league dugout in any capacity — not even as a batboy — and it has rankled players.

How many?

“All 25 of them,” said the agent of one player.

Also: they haven’t gotten the shiny new airplane Jeff Loria promised them:
Not even the fancier new plane the Marlins were promised has been delivered.

As a result, they’ve had to put up with cramped planes and long delays because of one issue or another.

I give it until the All-Star break before Jennings is “recalled” to the front office. No idea about the plane.