Scout on A-Rod: “He just looks like he doesn’t give a sh-t”


Andy Martino of the Daily News spoke to a scout about the resurgent Alex Rodriguez. Why is hitting so well?

“He has the easiest swing I’ve ever seen from him,” the advance scout said. “He just looks like he doesn’t give a sh-t. And that’s a good thing.”

Martino’s take is that A-Rod is relaxed and the year off helped him get his body and his mind straight and he’s now appreciating what time he has left in the game a lot more than he did before. I think all of that is probably true.

I also think that no amount of contentment fully makes up for being nearly 40-years-old, so it’s quite possible he’ll have some trouble as the summer heats up and his numbers will go down a bit. Not that that takes anything away from what he’s doing now.

And as of now: the putatively washed up, broken down A-Rod is hitting .277/.372/.561, which translates to a 158 OPS+. The best OPS+ mark since his MVP 2007 season. He’s also on pace for 37 homers and 91 driven in.