Montreal could host a handful of regular season games next year


Montreal’s mayor Denis Coderre met with Rob Manfred yesterday to talk about the future of baseball in Montreal.

As we mentioned a few weeks ago when the meeting was announced, there’s an element of, well, optics to all of this. Baseball, as it used to do with Washington and other baseball-free cities, likes to make a big show of the viability of other markets so as to pressure existing markets into doing things like building stadiums. And of course if you’re the mayor of Montreal, you do this in order to show the folks back home that you can Get Things Done. If baseball comes back to Montreal it will be all about someone building a ballpark, not political meetings. But the political meetings serve their purpose.

For example, they spin out things like this, which could prime the pump:

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred is open to Montreal hosting three or four regular-season games in 2016, the city’s mayor said Thursday after a 45-minute meeting he described as “extremely positive.” . . . He added that six or seven teams have expressed interest in playing games in the city next year.

How much you wanna bet that those six or seven games involve the Rays?