NESN shows video of the Metrodome being imploded. The Metrodome was not imploded.


This is stranger than strange. Over at Deadspin Tim Burke noticed that the Red Sox-Twins broadcast from yesterday featured some video of the old Metrodome being imploded. The video in question can be seen in that post.

Only problem, the Metrodome wasn’t imploded. From the stadium’s Wikipedia page:

Much like the first few early phases of demolition, it was decided that the Metrodome would be torn down via wrecking ball, rather than implosion—due to the concern that vibration and dust from an implosion would have on nearby downtown Minneapolis neighborhoods and Hennepin County Medical Center . . .

There was one section of beams that was removed via a controlled explosion due to some difficulties encountered in demolition, but otherwise the thing was just torn down.

The video shown by NESN, Burke says, was of the Seattle Kingdome, with the Metrodome’s roof superimposed over it for whatever reason.

I imagine that this had something to do with the Metrodome being a place opposing teams didn’t like to play and that this video was doctored up as a means of exorcising old demons or something. But jeez, that’s a lot of effort to go to, ain’t it?

UPDATE: Turns out it wasn’t NESN’s effort. My Twitter correspondent Larry Southside Sox tells me that the video in question is from a White Sox broadcast and the “implosion” was doctored up for purposes of a Hawk Harrelson comedy bit:

Which, OK, funny I guess. Not sure why the Red Sox repurposed it. Unless they showed that whole bit and offered a “we feel the same way too” sentiment. Still, all rather odd.