Gwinnett Braves infielder Elmer Reyes charged with rape and kidnapping in Columbus, Ohio


Serious charges have been filed against infielder Elmer Reyes of the Gwinnett Braves, the Triple-A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. Specifically rape and kidnapping of a woman in Columbus, Ohio over this past weekend.

As reported in the Columbus Dispatch, Reyes is alleged to have taken two women to a bar after a Braves-Clippers game. After leaving the bar he took them to a downtown hotel where he paid for their room, stating that he believed they weren’t in a condition to drive. It is then alleged that one of the women fell asleep and then Reyes pinned the other woman on the bed and raped her.

The woman called 911. Rape and kidnapping charges were filed against Reyes on Saturday. He is free on bond and scheduled for a June 2 court appearance in Columbus.

Reyes, 24, has spent seven years in the Braves organization.

(h/t to Rob Moore)