Al Kaline’s last game


A nice article from Lynn Henning of the Detroit News about Al Kaline’s last game in 1974.

Henning and Kaline talk about Kaline’s one regret about it, which he considers one of the biggest mistakes of his career. It involved Ben Olgive, for what it’s worth. It also involved statistics and round numbers. Specifically the difference between 399 home runs and 400. Which really is no difference it all, even if we pretend it is for baseball purposes.

Finally, some good stuff in there about how, when Kaline was done playing, he really had no idea what he’d do with the rest of his life. Which seems silly now, as any future Hall of Famer’s future is pretty much set. But both in terms of money and in terms of career paths, 1974 was a very different time.

Good read.