A Rays affiliate planned, and then cancelled, “A-Rod Juice Box” night


The Yankees may obliquely refer to their designated hitter’s PED past as a means of denying his accomplishments. But lord help anyone else who tries to do so!

Earlier today The Port Charlotte Stone Crabs, the high-A affiliate for the Tampa Bay Rays, announced “A-Rod Juice Box Night,” in which the first 500 fans would get a juice box. Written on the side of the box: “The Sports Drink,” “100% Juiced,” and “Side Affects include: tainted records, inflated ego, omission from the Hall of Fame, and more!” The ad, which was part of a now-deleted tweet, looked like this:


A laugh? I suppose. But even if it’s not exactly hilarious or particularly timely, it’s probably pretty harmless all things considered. The Yankees, however, did not agree:

Only the Yankees and the reporters to whom they give anonymous quotes are allowed to remind people of Alex Rodriguez’s drug history. Anyone else who does it will get a stern talking-to.