The St. Paul Saints’ new ballpark is fantastic


The independent St. Paul Saints have long been a top draw in the Twin Cities, and they have long played in a 1980s municipal park that had some charm, yes, but which wasn’t exactly state of the art. Of course, putting an organization built largely on fun and irreverence in a state of the art park could risk sapping them of some of that fun and irreverence. Tricky!

Well, the Saints have a brand new park and over at Ballpark Digest they review it and provide some pictures. Verdict: it’s fantastic:

Residents of Minneapolis-St. Paul were already blessed with one of the finest facility in professional baseball in the form of Target Field. CHS Field, at the other end of the Green Line light rail from Target Field, is a worthy bookend; you’re not going to find a finer set of ballparks anywhere. Baseball is alive and well in Minneapolis-St. Paul, and CHS Field can be seen as a great addition to the ballpark world.

Biggest takeaway: it has a modern design with few if any retro flourishes, thank God. The place looks amazing and cozy and appears to blend in with the city pretty darn well. Which is fitting given that, at its best, baseball should blend in with the fabric of our lives and not draw too much attention to itself.