Hal Steinbrenner will freely pay A-Rod his $6 million (If forced to by an arbitrator)


I see this headline this morning and I chuckle:


Based on everything we’ve read about this, it seems to me the far more accurate headline would be to change the word “will” to “won’t” and “if” to “unless.” Definitely captures the tone better, even if both are technically accurate.

And it would also reflect the reality that, in real life, people don’t wait to hear from judges or arbitrators to decide if they have contractual obligations. They enter into contracts and assume obligations and act upon them. They are told after the fact by judges if their assumptions were mistaken, but no contract has a “wait to hear what the judge says” clause built-in. The Yankees right now are not uncertain. They are quite clearly saying “we don’t have any obligations” and are telling A-Rod “sue us!” even if Hal puts it in kinder terms here.

The rest of the article is worth reading as Hal talks about how the Yankees have been happy with A-Rod’s production and his high-road approach with the media. He also says the Yankees would be willing to take on payroll this summer to add pieces if they remain competitive.