MLB is reviewing Josh Donaldson’s lewd gestures/comments to the Angels bench


As I mentioned in yesterday’s recaps, Blue Jays’ third baseman Josh Donaldson was somewhat animated in his interaction with the Angels’ dugout during Monday afternoon’s game. Specifically, there were some gesticulations and words with which Donaldson suggested that the Angels do things to certain parts of his anatomy which they were not likely inclined to do.

I’m guessing he’ll get a token “won’t someone think of the children?!” fine given that his anatomical suggestion to the Angels’ dugout was likely loud enough to be heard by fans and MLB is rather taken with the family experience these days. I mean, back in the 70s they were probably more worried about the fans being bad influences on the players — really, crowds in the 70s were drunken, loutish train wrecks — but it’s 2015 now and we expect some damn decorum around here.

Fan hit by foul ball during Sunday’s Rockies-Dodgers game

Harry How/Getty Images

Another fan was struck by a line drive foul ball during Sunday’s game between the Rockies and Dodgers at Dodger Stadium, Mike DiGiovanna and Jorge Castillo of the Los Angeles Times report. The ball was hit by Cody Bellinger in the first inning, going just beyond where the protective netting ends at the first-base dugout, striking a young woman in the head. Play was delayed for two minutes while the woman received medical attention. She initially stayed in her seat holding an ice pack to her head but was taken to a hospital for evaluation. According to someone in the Dodger Stadium first-aid office, the girl was alert and responding.

After the game, Bellinger said, “It was weird. It’s the first time I think I’ve hit a fan. I saw it literally hit her face. That was tough. I just tried to regroup. I’m sure it was tough for everyone.” He added, “I went over the next half-inning just to make sure she was all right. She said she was all right. She gave me a thumbs up. Obviously, it’s a scary situation.”

Both Bellinger and manager Dave Roberts expressed support for extending the protective netting at Dodger Stadium. [Update: Netting will be extended, Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register reports.]

Bellinger was involved in yet another incident involving a fan later in the game. According to Michael Duarte of NBC Los Angeles, a 14-year-old girl ran on the field in the ninth inning. Bellinger said the girl came up to him and said, “I want a hug.” As she hugged Bellinger, a security guard tackled her. Bellinger said to her, “You know you’re going to jail?” She replied, “Yeah, I know. It was worth it.”