Obama neglects to follow the Cubs on Twitter. Why?


President Obama has been on Twitter in various ways for years, either through The White House account or from his own “Barack Obama” account. But as of today he The office of the President of the United States actually has its own account, dedicated to the President’s tweets, presumably as a means of giving the White House the ability to post its own stuff irrespective of who’s in office. Fine. Whatever. Social media stuff.

The fun part, though? Obama, from Chicago, followed the White Sox, Bulls, Bears and Blackhawks. But he neglected to follow the Cubs. Which has sort of made the Cubs sad:

Maybe an oversight. Maybe an intentional slighting of the Cubs because Obama is a White Sox fan and, man, forget you Cubs.

Or maybe Obama is just well-aware that the patriarch of the family that owns the Cubs has gone out of his way to make defeating Obama and his agenda a personal crusade. Like, to the point where even the Romney campaign and Republican strategists felt that he was actually harming their cause, yet he did not seem to care. Derangement Syndrome works like that.

Either way, here’s hoping Obama doesn’t give in and continues to not follow the Cubs. Not because I have any problem with the Cubs — they’re a baseball team, not the embodiment of their owner’s dad’s politics — but because everything else in politics is so damn calculated and aimed at mass appeal that it’d be rather refreshing for the President of the United States to stick with his dang rooting interests and not give his rivals, however he defines them, the time of day.