Montreal’s Mayor to meet with Rob Manfred


About 99.72% of what will get baseball back to Montreal one day involves (a) a stadium; that (b) the public, rather than a baseball team pays for. Still, this sort of thing is interesting:

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre says he’s looking forward to meeting with the commissioner of Major League Baseball at the end of the month in his ongoing quest to see the sport return to the city.¬†Coderre says his meeting with Rob Manfred on May 28 in New York City will be a first opportunity for the two to chat face-to-face.

He says “we will show Mr. Manfred our love for the sport,” but again, love ain’t got nothin’ to do with it. Yes, two-game exhibition series over the past two seasons have drawn nearly 50,000 fans a game to Olympic Stadium, but it’s all about the money. Both for the stadium and for, one presumes, a buyer of the Tampa Bay Rays, who are the most likely team to relocate. Current ownership has said over and over again that it wants to make things work in Tampa Bay and, if they can’t, they’ll sell the team first.

So, get a buyer for the Rays and a builder for a ballpark in Montreal and we’ll take all of this more seriously. For now, this is just, quite literally, talk.