Mark Buehrle on the Blue Jays: “we stink”


The Blue Jays just finished a 1-6 road trip and sit at 17-22, good for last place in the AL East. It’s only five games back of the leaders because the AL East is kind of nuts this year, but it’s not good.

And Mark Buehrle said so in pretty clear terms after yesterday’s loss:

“I’m stating the obvious, we stink. We’re not playing very good on any aspect. When we’re pitching good, we’re not hitting. When we hit and score, we’re not doing a good job pitching, we’re not holding them.”

After that he talked about how they had to turn things around “before another fire sale and we start selling guys.” Which he knows all about having been a one-year wonder on that would-be contender Miami Marlins team in 2012 season.

Refreshing honesty.