Local ratings show baseball’s power locally


Maury Brown of Forbes reminds us of the power of baseball on TV. At least locally:

Wednesday was a playoff bevy for sports fans with playoffs in both the NBA and NHL, and a great baseball game nationally, but in 14 of 24 markets, it was not hockey or basketball or even that Mets-Cubs that people were watching, but Major League Baseball on their local regional sports networks.

In a sign that baseball continues to be a regional phenomenon, from Cincinnati to Seattle, Boston to Tampa Bay, Baltimore to St. Louis, and more, it was regular season baseball games that crushed all comers in their respective markets over the NBA and NHL playoffs, as well as the nationally televised MLB game on ESPN.

He digs into the numbers from a playoff-heavy schedule in hockey and basketball and shows that, in most markets, the local nine outranked the non-local playoff games in the market. Sometimes substantially.

Which wouldn’t be a big deal until you multiple those nightly wins by 140+ and realize why regional sports networks continue to pay out big money for Major League Baseball.