Jeff Loria’s got nothin’ on Ted Turner. The craziest owner in living memory.


Heck, Jeff Loria isn’t even crazy, really. He just makes some odd moves motivated, it seems, by either a considerable overestimation of his baseball acumen or some other, less excusable motivation. But baseball always has some sorta miserable owners and Loria is not terribly different than any number of them over the years.

But Ted Turner was a totally different bucket of crazy. And today Joe Posnanski walks down memory lane with the former Braves owner. Who, in one of his less extreme moments, named himself manager.

Well, sort of. He gave his manager a leave of absence and came in and played figurehead for a game. Before Major League Baseball lost its collective mind at him and banned him from managing the team anymore. And, really, Turner came out of it all sounding more sane than the league did. Turner said of the event “Am I crazy? Am I the only sane man or am I the only nut?”

Good question. Heck, Turner wasn’t even the worst manager hired by the Braves during the Ted Turner years. And Braves fans still miss the guy.