Dan Jennings’ hire as the Marlins manager came as “an epiphany”


The press conference introducing Marlins GM-turned-Marlins-manager Dan Jennings is happening right now. The couple of takeaways worth taking away:

  • Team president David Samson says that he president of baseball operations Mike Hill and Jennings hatched this plan themselves. Specifically, they were on a telephone call discussing the replacement of Mike Redmond and that they had “an epiphany” which led them to name Jennings the team’s manager. Samson owner Jeffrey Loria was not on the call.
  • For Jennings’ part he knows that this hire was not conventional, saying that it was “definitely a different avenue” to becoming a manager. He also said “even my mom, whom I love, asked me, ‘Are you crazy?'”

Hey, maybe he is. And crazy or sane, he’s team superstar Giancarlo Stanton’s seventh manager in six seasons, which is pretty cool unless you’re invested in Stanton being happy and content and stuff.

So away we go. I still remain unconvinced that this wasn’t a Jeff Loria decision. Keeping in mind that almost anyone who rises to a high level like Loria and who likes to get his way and who has drawn a lot of controversy eventually becomes well-versed at not being in meetings where his will is carried out. It’s a neat little trick of the powerful and crazy.

Now let’s see ’em play baseball.