Hotel-hopping with some marginal Mets


One of the things with which I frequently find myself preoccupied is where baseball players live. Not the superstars, though. Most of them have amazing mansions or expensive apartments and after a solid decade of real estate porn up and down the basic cable channels, I have become nauseated with that sort of thing.

No, I think about the fringe guys. The rookies who don’t have much money in the bank yet and/or really don’t know how to live like adults yet. The journeymen who find themselves on different teams each year and who may, in the course of a single season, be in two different major league and two different Triple-A cities. That’s a lot of moving, lease-breaking, real estate risk and logistical hell do be dealing with.

Enter this great article from Joe Lemire at the Wall Street Journal about how some Mets players on the margins, including Buddy Carlyle and 2014 Met Dana Eveland have used hotel deal apps to find the best rates in New York each night and then simply move from one hotel to the next, not knowing where they’ll be the following night. Given that they leave the ballpark after 11pm and have to be back at the ballpark early the next afternoon, it’s mostly about a bed and some breakfast anyway.

Maybe this won’t interest a lot of you, but I sort of love staying in hotels and find this to be all sorts of fun. I’m also finding that the ballplayers-as-human-beings stuff is way more compelling than the ballplayers-as-athletes stuff, so this is right up my alley.