A-Rod isn’t bothered about Jorge Posada saying he shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame


Yesterday, Jorge Posada, making the rounds on his book tour, said that PED guys should not make the Hall of Fame. He specifically mentioned his former teammate, Alex Rodriguez. Of course A-Rod was asked about it. Maybe not so much because anyone cared what he’d say but because, man, eventually A-Rod is gonna say something controversial, right? And we HAVE to be there when he says it!

No luck. A-Rod was a diplomat once again:

“I have nothing but good things to say about Jorgie. I consider Jorgie a friend . . . Jorgie’s always worn his heart on his sleeve and that’s fine. He was a great teammate and a great player for a long time. What remember the most is sharing and winning a championship in ’09.”

When asked what he might say to Posada when Posada is back at Yankee Stadium for his number retiring ceremony later this season, A-Rod said “Jorge is a friend. We’ll keep it simple. Keep it light.”

I’m a little worried. Not about Posada or Rodriguez, but about the New York press. If they don’t bait Rodriguez into a gaffe of some kind by the All-Star break they may start to lose their friggin’ minds.