Phillies demote third baseman Cody Asche to Triple-A to become an outfielder


Cody Asche has been the Phillies’ starting third baseman since mid-2013, but now they’re sending him back to Triple-A to transition from third base to left field.

Asche hitting just .247 with a .686 OPS in 201 career games obviously played a part as well, because if he’d hit, say, .287 with a .786 OPS and they wanted him to shift to the outfield it likely wouldn’t involve a demotion to the minors.

Asche spent most of 2013 at Triple-A, hitting .295 with 15 homers and an .837 OPS in 104 games. He’s never seen game action in the outfield as a professional, minors or majors.

Maikel Franco, a 22-year-old prospect currently playing at Triple-A, is projected as the Phillies’ long-term third baseman and could be ready for a call-up soon.