Redskins’ GM says Bryce Harper would be a safety in the NFL. Not a corner, because “he’s a white guy”


Washington Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan was talking about Bryce Harper on 106.7 The Fan and what he’d be like as an NFL player. Interesting topic! Maybe more interesting than McCloughan thought it would be before he answered. From

McCloughan is also a scout by nature and knows how to evaluate talent. He was asked what position Harper would play on the football field and his answer was just great:

“Ehhhhh, probably strong safety. But, I went to a game a couple weeks ago, and he flipped his hips and caught a fly ball out in right field in the corner, and I thought, maybe [cornerback]. But I’m thinking, uhh, okay, no, he’s gotta be a safety. He’s a white guy.”

Not because he’s too slow to be a corner. Or too bulky. Or doesn’t have the moves. But because “he’s a white guy.”

This brought to you by the league which still has a lot of people who think black people can’t be quarterbacks and racial slurs can be team nicknames.