Great Moments in A-Rod being completely unmarketable


I’m still amused by the notion that the Yankees are going to go to court with the argument that they simply could not, with any reasonable effort, find a way to market Alex Rodriguez passing Willie Mays on the all-time home run list. And while, yes, I realize that it’s a totally phony argument on their part — the desire to not pay A-Rod $6 million because they hate A-Rod being the real reason — I grow more amused when I see stuff that puts the phony argument to lie.

Stuff like this, brought to my attention by Eileen White:


That’s from the MLB Auctions site. It’s among the highest bids for any memorabilia at the moment. There are a couple of Patriot’s Day game Red Sox jerseys currently up by about $100. Kris Bryant’s bat from his first plate appearance is too. Everything else that is higher is either super one-of-a-kind like the autographed lineup cards from Clayton Kershaw’s no-hitter and stuff like golf outings to Pebble Beach with Hall of Fame players. Most regular game-used merchandise from non-special games is hundreds of dollars less. In some cases over a thousand less.

But please, Yankees, tell me how there would be zero interest in your efforts to market Alex Rodriguez. I’d be fascinated to hear your reasoning.