Video: Logan Schafer scores on a little league home run against the Cubs


Brewers outfielder Logan Schafer scored on an infield ground ball in the ninth inning of Saturday afternoon’s 6-1 win against the Cubs. One needs plenty of assistance from the defense to make that happen, and the Cubs were quite enthusiastic about lending a hand.

Shortstop Starlin Castro fielded the ball but made a poor throw to first baseman Anthony Rizzo. The ball skipped away and Rizzo lazily went after it. His mind appeared to be elsewhere as he was looking into the crowd. Schafer used Rizzo’s nonchalance as an opportunity to take third base. A surprised Rizzo fired the ball to no one in particular in the third base area so Schafer waltzed home. In Rizzo’s defense, someone probably should’ve been covering third base. Two errors were issued on the play: one to Castro, and one to Rizzo. If mental errors were issued, the Cubs would’ve had a few more.

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