Matt Wieters may not be back until June


The timetable for Orioles catcher Matt Wieters’ return from Tommy John surgery keeps being pushed. First of May . . . sometime in May . . . now would you believe June?

The hushed hope for catcher Matt Wieters’ return from elbow surgery last June was May 1. Well, that’s here, and he hasn’t played in a real minor league game yet. (He’s been limited to catching parts of extended spring games.) If the progression continues, a minor league rehab assignment is probably on the horizon in a week or two. Wieters doesn’t like to speculate on return dates, so we’ll do it for him. Late May to early June seems reasonable.

Wieters is a free agent after this season. You figure he’s itching to show off his bat and his arm by now. Bright side: it’s unlikely that the Orioles will make him a qualifying offer this fall.