Baseball Prospectus has a new pitching metric. Meet DRA: “Deserved Run Average”


I will preface this by saying that I have not read this article yet. Once I read it, I’m sure it will take me longer to understand it than most of you guys because I’m a moron when it comes to stats and metrics and things. And once I understand it, I’ll be less comfortable applying it and talking about it than most of you too because, again: moron.

But I’ve been pretty big on the idea of knowing what one does not know, lately, and I’ve been trying to be as comfortable with that as I can. A corollary to that notion is to not reject what you don’t know as something not worth knowing. Which is a really damn common response when it comes to advanced baseball metrics.

What I do know, however, is that this new metric, DRA or “Deserved Run Average,” is getting a lot of buzz in sabermetric circles today. And the guys who came up with this new metric — Jonathan Judge, Harry Pavlidis and Dan Turkenkopf — are smart cookies.

So, consider this linked without comment for now: DRA, or Deserved Run Average. When Pouliot wakes up I’ll ask him if it’s something I should get excited about and eventually we’ll comment.