All-Star balloting begins today. With a twist.


Major League Baseball today opened All-Star voting. As was reported a few weeks ago, the league has abandoned the paper ballots distributed in ballparks in favor of online-only voting. This angered some people because they like traditional, inefficient things that give them warm memories of their childhood. Like paper ballots. And pitchers batting.

But while the disappearance of the paper ballots has bothered some, it has led to a new efficiency: the ability to put players on the ballot who were not on the Opening Day roster. Before this year they had to do that because of lead-times and printing and things. Now teams had until this past Friday to submit names for the ballot. That’s better, of course, because now guys like Kris Bryant can be on the ballot.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to vote for the All-Star team (vote here!) followed by my retiring to the comments section where I will read the arguments of people who think that God made paper ballots and that it’s an abomination unto Him to do it all new-fangled-like with the computers and the whatnot.