Kirk Gibson has Parkinson’s Disease


This is awful, awful news:

Gibson, who was the Diamondbacks’ manager until the end of last season, has been doing color commentary on Tigers broadcasts this season. I’ve only seen one game with him, but I thought his analysis was really good, even if he’s not a TV natural. He tells it like it is and, in expected Gibson fashion, does not beat around the bush.

Here’s hoping he and his doctors manage his disease as well as it can be managed and that he misses as few beats as humanly possible under the circumstances. God knows that even Kirk Gibson at less-than-his best is still an incredible force to reckon with.

Prayers for Gibby if that’s your thing, thoughts and best wishes if they’re not.

UPDATE: Gibson has released a statement:

“I have faced many different obstacles in my life, and have always maintained a strong belief that no matter the circumstances, I could overcome those obstacles. While this diagnosis poses a new kind of challenge for me, I intend to stay true to my beliefs. With the support of my family and friends, I will meet this challenge with the same determination and unwavering intensity that I have displayed in all of my endeavors in life. I look forward to being back at the ballpark as soon as possible.”