Reminder: the reason the DH isn’t universal is because the Phillies screwed up the vote


I feel like we’ve linked this at some point in the past, but since everyone (not just me!) is talking about the DH today, here’s a nice reminder of why we don’t have the DH in the National League today.

It’s a story from David Mouton from a few years back, recounting a story he heard of the 1980 vote in which the NL was deciding whether or not to adopt the DH. It needed a majority vote to pass. There were 12 teams in the NL at the time. Six were clearly on board for the DH. Four were opposed. Two — the Phillies and Pirates — were on the fence.

The Phillies’ representative at the time had orders to vote for the DH. But then (a) a fishing trip; and (b) game theory entered into it. Go read Mouton’s account for the details.

But know that, as usual, the Phillies messed up a good thing. And for that reason, they’ve been playing Ryan Howard at first base for several years.

(thanks to Tyler for the reminder)

Trea Turner undergoes surgery on right index finger

Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images
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Nationals shortstop Trea Turner underwent surgery on his right index finger,’s Manny Randhawa reports. Turner suffered a non-displaced fracture when he was hit by a pitch attempting to bunt in early April.

Turner missed six weeks of action and played through the injury for the remainder of the season. He was quite successful, batting .298/.353/.497 with 19 home runs, 57 RBI, 96 runs scored, and 35 stolen bases across 569 plate appearances. Turner’s performance, especially late in the regular season, helped the Nationals claim the first NL Wild Card. They, of course, would go on to win the World Series.

Turner, who is expected to be healed up by the start of spring training, will be entering his second of four years of arbitration eligibility. He will likely get a sizable raise on his $3.725 million 2019 salary.