Jeff Loria says there have been no serious discussions about firing Mike Redmond


There was some noise last week that the Marlins were thinking about firing Mike Redmond and were inquiring into Wally Backman as a possible replacement manager. When team owner Jeff Loria was asked about it, he didn’t exactly deny it as much as he tried to deflect it, which is a classic tactic from owners who are, you know, considering changing managers.

But now Loria says there have been no serious discussions about it. From Jon Heyman’s latest:

Speaking to after the Marlins defeated the Nationals 6-2 to win, Loria said of Redmond, “He’s the manager. Period. All teams go through bad moments. Ours came early.”

Loria also offered praise for Redmond, whose team is 8-11 now after starting 3-11. “He did a very nice job last year, and he works hard.”

No coincidence, I reckon, that the Marlins have won five in a row. You get the sense, based on what Loria tells Heyman, Loria’s history and the history of this franchise, that the talk will come back if they drop three of four.