Noah Syndergaard was given a talking-to by the Mets for feeding the trolls


Mets minor league pitcher Noah Syndergaard got into it with a fan/troll on Twitter last night. The guy who started it has deleted his account so his tweets are gone, but the Internet doesn’t forget anything. Background: Syndergaard got scratched from a start because he was sick.

I love how quickly that dude backed off the minute the object of his scorn responded to him. But that’s trolls for ya. They talk big until someone talks back. That said, Syndergaard later tweeted some stuff about the guy’s “pathetic 9-to-5 job” and probably got a lot more personal than one might usual do in a simple snipping back-and-forth with a troll.

The Mets aren’t exactly pleased about this:

My penchant for engaging with trolls notwithstanding, I’d probably tell Syndergaard the same thing. I mean, when you’re a pro athlete, any of that kind of interaction with a fan is probably going to either be perceived as punching down or else the sort of thing that will just invite other people to try to get a rise out of you.